Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Simple Question

As in every election, policy matters.  The voters need to know where candidates stand on issues such as the economy, immigration, trade, education, climate change, and social issues such as reproductive rights and equality for all citizens.  Most candidates are happy to tell you at least a tweet’s-worth of their views on those subjects.  Just ask them.

But in this election, we’re dealing with more than just policy; we’re facing an election between a candidate who has clearly articulated views on all those topics and painstakingly crafted statements and goals, and a candidate who is a gushing sewer line and whose policies, when they’re not bordering on the incoherent, cozy up to fascism and despotism.

Each of them has their down-ballot candidates who, if they’re not fully in line with their presidential candidate, at least toe the lines and support them.  In a normal election, you’d expect that.

Newsflash: this is not a normal election.

So if you get the chance to talk to your local candidates, be they running for Congress or your state legislature, and before you ask them about their stand on the economy and so forth, ask them if they support their party’s presidential candidate.  If they dodge the question or answer it forthrightly, you don’t need to ask them the rest.