Friday, October 21, 2016

Big If

Jim Morin in the Miami Herald.

Jim Morin in the Miami Herald.

Donald Trump says he will accept the will of the people and the outcome of the election… if he wins.


Har de har har.

Actually he later said he would reserve the right to challenge the outcome if there’s a “questionable result.”  That could mean a close election, like Bush v. Gore or Kennedy v. Nixon in 1960.  Or it could mean an overwhelming landslide where he’ll try to tell the world that there was no way Hillary Clinton beat him 2 to 1 in the electoral college vote.  So in typical huckster/grifter fashion, he’s leaving the possibility of challenging it no matter what happens, but more importantly, he’ll keep the spotlight on him and he’ll garner all the media attention, which was the whole point of this exercise in the first place.  It’s all about him and nothing whatsoever to do with being president.

3 barks and woofs on “Big If

  1. He needs to be continually in the news for the good of the coming Trump News TV. All Trump and Trump products all the time. This is a good start for gathering up all the eyeballs he’ll need. Keep ’em guessing and waiting for the coming courtroom drama.

    • Next Stop: River City

      “I don’t know how he does it, but he lives like a king and he dallies
      and he gathers and he plucks and shines, and when the man dances, certainly boys, what else? The piper pays him!”

      …talk, talk, talk, bicker, bicker, bicker…

  2. Now that we know much more about him because of the election, may he spend the rest of his life in hot water endlessly searching for someone to bail him out,

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