Sunday, October 30, 2016

Did Somebody Say Schnorrer?

E-mail from a singles site I occasionally look in on:

I’m Sgt. Robert Gradzik,I am with the US Army in the NATO Special Training Mission–Afghanistan, which delivers training and professional development support to the national security forces of Republic of Benin.My tour will be ending pretty soon and I think It’s time that I begin to search for a soul mate, a confidant and a friend. I’m not into the one night stand or nude picture thing.Your profile seemed to catch my attention and I’d love to know you better.Please send all corresponding replies exclusively to my email: [redacted] as I will be taking my profile down pretty soon due to a lot of indecent proposals on this site.

Hope to hear from you.

Who can resist that?  (For one thing, if you’re in Afghanistan and you’re training the “national security forces of the Republic of Benin, you have a lot to learn about geography).

My reply:

I am Captain Spaulding, the African explorer.

Hello, I must be going.

One bark on “Did Somebody Say Schnorrer?

  1. The 4F Club

    “A major change not required by law wipes out the catchall 1Y classification that lumped together men with borderline physical disqualifications, homosexuals, criminals and a variety of others. From now on a man in this area will be given 4F as physically unfit…”

    As for dropping a dime, it seemed well worth the 10 cents a page to have someone type a term paper.

    Gotta go, it’s closing day at Belmont.

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