Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Don’t Make Me Pull This Car Over

I’m trying to see the downside of this epic tweet-storm between Donald Trump and the GOP leadership and in the short term I really can’t, so I’m kind of enjoying it while it lasts.  The more time they spend squabbling like a bunch of cranky kids in the back seat of a 1963 Ford Country Squire with no A/C traveling through the Mojave Desert in the middle of July, the better.  And the best thing the Democrats can do is sit back and butter their popcorn.

1963 Ford Country Squire

The short version is that Speaker Paul Ryan has basically conceded the election to Hillary Clinton and now it’s every man — and woman — for themselves.

Of course at some point they’ll have to govern, and while I’m hopeful that the Democrats will take back the House from the GOP at some point, I don’t think it’s going to happen this year.  The Senate looks good to flip to the Democrats, which means that President Clinton will be able to get some important things done such as appoint Supreme Court justices, and if the House is diminished, she might even be able to squeak some of her plans through the House.

The Very Serious Village People will shake their heads and say, “Oh, but we need two parties to provide checks and balances and make sure that every voice is heard.”  Yeah, we’ve been hearing that for a while now, but since the Republicans basically said “Up yours” in 2009, they haven’t earned the right to speak up.  They’ve done everything they possibly can to make it worse.

I may not be the most objective observer, but I think this was all planned out by the strategists in the GOP: tie up the government, investigate Hillary Clinton every time she scratched her butt, get nothing done, and then blame it all on That Man in the White House.  Then they’d ride in with a gallant savior for president — Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan — and hey presto, all’s right with the world.  They didn’t count on the fact that all their demonizing and dark innuendo would actually result in the base getting all fired up would deliver them a combination of Scary Clown and Benito Mussolini in one Cheeto-colored package.

This can’t go on forever; at some point we have to get stuff done.  At some point the driver has to say “Don’t make me pull this car over.”  But for now, enjoy the trip.  And stop bothering your brother.  I mean it.

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  1. I was at the market recently and a guy reacted to the price quoted by the cub scouts…. $20.00. This tickled me so I went over to see what the noise was about. I asked the cubbie what he was selling; “Popcorn, 4 flavors.”. I looked at one of the guyardians and asked “Is he serious?”. “Why not?” responded the oldster. “It’s a great election season!”
    I bought two. Support the scouts!

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