Thursday, October 27, 2016

Tales From The Dork Side

Remember Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL)?  Yeah, me neither except for the fact that he was a total waste of skin in Congress yammering on about teabagger issues and generally being a dick.  His constituents wisely voted him out after one ignominious term and replaced him with Iraq war veteran Tammy Duckworth.  But old Joe is still at it.

walsh-musket-tweet-10-26-16Yeah, you and your scooter-riding buddies go ahead and grab your musket, Joe, on November 9.  We’ll be waiting.

All this talk about revolution and rebellion from the Trumpistas if the election doesn’t go their way is just the right-wing mindset gone gonzo.  They fully believe that they are the only ones destined to rule and anyone else is illegitimate, especially if they’re not white Christian men.  The fact that a black man will be followed by a woman into the White House is enough to make them go even further over the edge than they did with Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

The way to make them STFU is to make sure that we get out there and vote.  Get your friends and neighbors.  Vote early if you can.  Let’s make sure that not only does Hillary Clinton win, so does every Democratic senate candidate and as many House and local candidates as we can get in, too.  That will stuff a ramrod down their muskets.

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    • I don’t advocate that, of course. But charge him with treason? Hell, yes! Domestic terrorism can not be tolerated.

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