Friday, October 21, 2016

Who’s In Charge In Texas?

All of a sudden Texas is worried about voter “fraud.”

The spectre of voter fraud has factored prominently in Texas politics for years, raised largely by Republicans who have won virtually every statewide election for almost two decades. The state’s controlling party aggressively seeks to root out alleged fraud, while Democrats decry such GOP efforts as a ploy to suppress the vote.

Passed in 2011, Texas’ strict voter ID law repeatedly landed the state on the national stage, most recently earlier this year when a federal appeals court found it discriminatory.

If anyone is trying to rig the presidential election, Texas is not the place to do it, according to state election officials. The secretary of state’s office noted Tuesday that Texas’ election system is “highly decentralized,” making it very difficult for a successful statewide conspiracy.

“The election isn’t conducted on a statewide level but in each of Texas’ 254 counties, which use a variety of voting machines and methods,” Alicia Pierce, a spokeswoman for the secretary of state’s office, said in a statement. “Due to the decentralization, plus the layers of cross-checking done with election results, prearranging the outcome of a statewide election would be essentially impossible.”

So if there is any fraud going on, it’s the Republicans who are engineering it.

And as Juanita Jean at C&L notes, this didn’t really become a big deal until Hillary Clinton started to make the state look like a toss-up.

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  1. They convicted two women of voter fraud two counties west of here a couple of yrs. ago. They bought them for like sandwiches and about $10 in a school board race, I believe they both got 5yrs. in jail. You can’t cheat the voter system. btw I voted almost 3 wks. ago by mail and I did’t have to show a photo ID.

  2. Ah, Texas. I well remember Landslide Lyndon who won his Senate seat by the tiniest of margins. He gave a dollar apiece to Mexican immigrants working the the orchards in the valley and packed them into pick-ups to go to the polls. We all chuckled then. Where’s everyone’s sense of humor now?

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