Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fidel Castro Is Dead

Via The Miami Herald:

Fidel Castro, who towered over his Caribbean island for nearly five decades, a shaggy-bearded figure in combat fatigues whose long shadow spread across Latin America and the world, is dead at age 90. His brother Raul announced the death late Friday night.

From Granma, the official organ of the Cuban Communist Party:

Dear people of Cuba:

It is with deep sorrow that I come before you to inform our people, and friends of Our America and the world, that today, November 25, at 10.29pm, Comandante en Jefe of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz passed away. In accordance with his express wishes Compañero Fidel’s remains will be cremated. In the early hours of the morning of Saturday 26, the funeral organizing commission will provide our people with detailed information regarding the posthumous tributes which will be paid to the founder of the Cuban Revolution.

¡Hasta la victoria siempre!”

They’re dancing in the streets in Hialeah and on Calle Ocho, and who can blame them?

3 barks and woofs on “Fidel Castro Is Dead

  1. I’m old enough to still hold Germans responsible for two horrific wars that tore Europe apart. They may try to be the exemplar of wise governance now, but to me they’ll always be the Krauts who elected Hitler. At least Castro brought excellent medicine to his island and a fine school system. Hitler brought the autobahn and murderous ethnic cleansing.

    • Don’t forget the VW! I think, although I wouldn’t argue the point, that animal and forest conservation policies were put into place under Hitler.

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