Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Serious Jazz

I’m taking the rest of the week off, at least in terms of reporting and commenting on the election and its aftermath.  I think we all need a break, and if you are in need of a fix, there are plenty of other sites that can bring you up to date on the postmortem of Deplorable 2016.

I was planning on doing this even if Hillary Clinton had won.  One of the things I reminded myself of when I was looking back over the thirteen years that I’ve been doing this is that I said I would write about things other than politics: theatre, cars, writing, backyard nature, and other stuff that came to me while I was avoiding bumping into the furniture.  So that’s what I’ll be writing about.

I also need to catch up on some sleep, so until next week I’ll be on my vacation-type schedule.  I will, though, continue to post A Little Night Music.  That’s a tonic, not a burden.

And speaking of music, I’m listening to WIAA, Interlochen Public Radio’s classical feed at the office, and I’ve changed the default setting in my car radio to 88.9 FM WDNA Public Radio — your source for serious jazz here in Miami — and will be listening to that to and from work instead of NPR.  Give them a listen.