Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The current gossip in the pundit playground is that Trump will pick Mitt Romney as Secretary of State despite being trashed to filth by Kellyanne Conway on the weekend TV shows.

Mr. Romney, it seems, would lend a sense of gravitas to the Trump administration; a voice of maturity among the rabble-rousers and Nazis already within the Trump Tower inner circle.  Actually, he’ll probably end up like Margaret Dumont in the Marx Brothers movies; the necessary foil against whom all the jokes and antics are bounced, and any attempt to take him seriously within the Trump West Wing will be greeted with a pie in the face.

I give Romney six months, maybe a year, before he decides he’d rather be back in California playing with his car elevators.

One bark on “Slapstick

  1. It really says something about the people Trump is appointing that Mitt Romney is seen as one of the better options. I’m surprised that the fact that he speaks French isn’t seen as an immediate disqualification.

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