Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sore Winners

There’s a rash of bad behavior among people who voted for Donald Trump.  Here in Miami a guy went on a rant at a Starbucks because he didn’t get something or other and he claimed it was because he voted for Trump.  Then last week a passenger on a Delta flight took issue with people he perceived to be Hillary Clinton supporters and went on a tirade that got him banned for life from the airline.  The latest is a woman in Chicago who went a racist rant at a crafts store, once again citing Trump as the reason she was being “discriminated against.”

I suppose there could be some deep psychological reason these people are being so obnoxious about their candidate winning an election; pent-up anger at having to put up with a Democrat in the White House for eight years of economic growth and no scandals can do that, right?  Perhaps, like the dog that chases a car and finally catches it, they’re freaked out because now they don’t know what to do and when things turn rotten under Trump they’ll have to figure out a way to blame it on someone else.  Or maybe, as Digby explains, it’s not enough just to win; they need to see an end to opposition to Trump’s reign.  Only then will they be happy.  If ever.

Or maybe they’re just assholes.

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