Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Worst. Boss. Ever.

Via CLW who knows how corporate management — and mismanagement — works — or doesn’t work.

How many of us have not faced that situation where a complete neophyte was made your boss? Someone put in charge of something about which their only understanding is from the outside?

Maybe their dad owned the company, or they had a freshly printed MBA. They made it worse by putting their drunken frat buddy in charge of your department.

Remember the resentment, the horror, the disgust? Did you cheer them on and root for their success? I’m guessing not. Maybe you didn’t actively sabotage, but I’m betting you didn’t just “get over it”.

You probably relished in the schadenfreude when that person suddenly realized the job was way different and far more complicated than they thought. But you did your best to stop them from screwing up the whole place because it’s where you worked and you needed that job.

We are living it.

Not only do you need the job, the company itself cannot fail because if it does, who’s the boss and what you did will not mean anything anymore.

One bark on “Worst. Boss. Ever.

  1. You are explaining why President Obama is there for consultation and advice to Trump and why he’s traveling abroad to urge our partners to not give up on the Paris accords – which by the way several of them risked their careers signing – and to be patient, wait it out and hope for the best. If he can save our ship from foundering in any way in the next two months he’ll do his damnedest.

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