Friday, December 2, 2016

Diplomacy Ad Absurdum

The quote below is from the government of Pakistan.  I think the only word for this is “bizarre.”

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif called President-elect USA Donald Trump and felicitated him on his victory. President Trump said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif you have a very good reputation. You are a terrific guy. You are doing amazing work which is visible in every way. I am looking forward to see you soon. As I am talking to you Prime Minister, I feel I am talking to a person I have known for long. Your country is amazing with tremendous opportunities. Pakistanis are one of the most intelligent people. I am ready and willing to play any role that you want me to play to address and find solutions to the outstanding problems. It will be an honor and I will personally do it. Feel free to call me any time even before 20th January that is before I assume my office.

On being invited to visit Pakistan by the Prime Minister, Mr. Trump said that he would love to come to a fantastic country, fantastic place of fantastic people. Please convey to the Pakistani people that they are amazing and all Pakistanis I have known are exceptional people, said Mr. Donald Trump.

Go back and read that again and see if you can detect any clues to indicate this is actually from someone like Sacha Baron Cohen and his version of “Borat Part 2” or perhaps it’s an undiscovered manuscript from the Marx Brothers.  Because…  what?

If this is a true transcript of a conversation that took place between the Prime Minister of Pakistan and Trump really did heap praise on the country and promise to visit them, it’s not normal.  For one thing, our relationship with Pakistan is currently at a delicate stage.  Not only are they sworn enemies of India, one of our largest trading partners in the world, Pakistan’s role in the war in Afghanistan and the fight against the Taliban has, shall we say, been problematic.  So if Trump drops in on Pakistan, that will piss off the Indians beyond reasonable doubt and lend tacit support to Pakistan to keep on doing what they’re doing with terrorists.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Sharif could have called up and Trump thought he was talking to that other guy named Sharif; you know, that actor who was in “Lawrence of Arabia” and that Russian thing, and oh, yeah, didn’t he nail Barbra Streisand in “Funny Girl”?  Omar!  That’s the guy.  So he landed a new gig as the head of Pakistan.  Nice.


Yeah, except he’s dead.  And so, apparently, is diplomacy.

One bark on “Diplomacy Ad Absurdum

  1. He’s driving the State Department and the diplomatic corps crazy. The White House has politely suggested Donald and Barack have a chat so the soon-to-be-prez can learn the proper and SAFE way to go with these phone calls. Like “don’t do it” – at least without some in depth background and talking points. But this is a man who couldn’t sit down for the amount of time it would take to get filled in, much less concentrate on what he should be saying and remember it. Or give a damn.

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