Thursday, December 1, 2016

Gator Nation

No, this is not a post about University of Florida football.  It’s about Trump voters finding out that their hero’s plan to “drain the swamp” is bait and switch, and they’re the bait.

Case in point: the appointment of a bunch of Wall Street bankers — those wonderful folks who brought you the Great Recession — are being welcomed back to the table.  And they’re not happy.

Most importantly, this is a shining example of how Trump gaslit the nation. He pointed his finger at Hillary Clinton as the corrupt one for having delivered a few speeches, when his corruption was so deep it could have been seen beneath his thin, shiny orange skin.

Didn’t I just say that?

This flag-burning tweet is designed, pun intended, to inflame his white GOP base and deflect their attention from his once-vaunted promises to drain the swamp while he brings in fresh alligators.



6 barks and woofs on “Gator Nation

  1. Unfortunately those of us who didn’t fall for his BS will still have to pay the same price as those who did, but without the disillusionment.

    • Not to mention that we are still paying for 43’s mess and he also lost the poopular vote. This just never bodes well for the country!

  2. It’s nowhere near over: we still await the appointment of Sarah Palin to head the VA and Linda McMahon, former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, to head the SBA. I search in vain to find someone with experience in government, any government and LO there’s Sarah, former part-time governor of Alaska. Well, that’s certainly a relief.

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