Thursday, December 15, 2016

It’s Winter Somewhere

Via the Washington Post:

November was abnormally mild in the United States, and snow was nowhere to be found. But winter has come on with a vengeance in December’s second week.

Two pieces of the polar vortex have broken away from the Arctic region and will swirl through Canada, drawing frigid air into the Lower 48.

The first pool of bitter cold air has already plunged into the Upper Midwest and will reach the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast on Thursday and Friday.

The second wave of punishing cold will crash into the Northern Plains on Saturday and Sunday before lifting over the Great Lakes on Sunday and Monday.

The back-to-back blasts will cause temperatures to drop to 20 to 40 or more degrees below normal in affected areas. Although the cold is expected to set just a few records, many areas will experience some of their coldest December weather in several years.

In between these two Arctic blasts, a sprawling storm system will develop in the Rockies and charge across the nation between Friday and the weekend, spreading snow and/or mixed precipitation from Denver to Washington and points north.

Some of the heaviest snow over this busy travel weekend is expected between Minneapolis and Buffalo.

This is just more ammunition for the idiot climate change deniers who confuse weather with environment.

Meanwhile, about an hour’s drive south of here…

9 Beachgoers

Yes, it’s worth putting up with the humidity in the summer.

5 barks and woofs on “It’s Winter Somewhere

  1. I wish that the Weather Underground would think about the adjectives it uses. Today’s forecast notes that the weather will be “cooler than yesterday.” It’s currently minus 5 and dropping steadily to “lunar surface.” That’s “cooler?”

      • I went to grad school in Minneapolis. Keep in mind that people there start sunbathing when it hits 50 degrees. And then I moved north from there……

    • I love being snowed in. When we moved to northern Michigan years ago the first month we were there was January and we had a little blizzard every weekend. So cool, in all the connotations. I truly believe Florida weather, or Cuban weather or any environment bordering on the Caribbean or the Mediterranean can slowly rot your brain. And the BUGS – don’t mention. . .

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