Friday, December 9, 2016

What If They Threw A Party…

… and nobody wanted to work it.

Donald Trump’s inaugural committee is scrambling to lock in A-list Hollywood performers for the parties celebrating him — and having a rough time booking big names, two insiders tell TheWrap.

Both said that Trump inaugural committee members have contacted them in recent days offering cash or even a government appointment if they could deliver marquee names.

“They are willing to pay anything,” one of the insiders told TheWrap. “They told me, ‘We’ll pay their fees.’ Most of these artists’ fees are in the six to seven figures.” The insider said the Trump negotiator also offered to pay him for delivering top talent, saying, “Name your price.”

“I couldn’t do it,” the insider said. “Not even for a billion dollars.”

Where is Ted Nugent when you need him?

2 barks and woofs on “What If They Threw A Party…

  1. I expect there are some possibilities – Chachi, Ted Nugent, John Voight, Tom Selleck, Ray Stevens, maybe Toby Keith, maybe Kanye West. It’s just too bad that the bravest, fightingest Marine ever, John Wayne, isn’t around to help out.

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