Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Every Little Thing He Does

What’s more important, Trump’s tweet-rage against Meryl Streep or his appointing Jeff Sessions, a man with verified racial intolerance in his past, as the Attorney General?


I think this is how Trump managed to pull off his miracle election. People can’t focus on the important things. There’s always something new to obsess over instead of staying on message. Do you care more about angry Trump voters who call the National Football League (NFL) the Black Lives Matter Football League (BLMFL), or are you more concerned with the idea of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III running the Department of Justice?

Donald Trump didn’t nominate Meryl Streep as his Director of Central Intelligence or his Secretary of Treasury. He nominated a full-on wingnut and a Goldman Sachs veteran foreclosure specialist for those jobs. So, every second wasted on Meryl Streep is a benefit to Trump and the prospects for his nominees to sail through the confirmation process with little fuss.

Of course Trump wants to talk about the Golden Globes. He wants you to talk about him talking about the Golden Globes.

It’s a simple game he plays, and it’s hard to combat it.

I agree that it’s easy to be distracted by the bullshit stuff, but it’s important not to lose sight of the larger picture: this is all part of the pathology of Trump.  The fact that he focuses on the minor irritations and tweaks from his critics is a full-on indicator that every little thing he does what makes up who he is and is a warning sign of what we’re in for over the next four years.

2 barks and woofs on “Every Little Thing He Does

  1. He is a master of deflecting. And, as long as he gets away with with the likes of Faux News & his fans, he will continue to keep it going. There will always be something that will get under his thin skin. And with him & his ILK, unfortunately, there will be important NEWS/crisis that will need this expertise.

  2. I’m not sure of the website but they referred to the B.S.as the Trump Trots. Just keep reminding the thin-skinned one he LOST the popular election. Cut him no slack! I’m a Californian and a swear, testify and assert he is not my president. he(sic) does have the opportunity to earn that appellation.

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