Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Get Help

My family is dealing with the loss of a member of our immediate family due to depression.  I will not go into the details but please be aware of the fact that it is a disease like any other and it has to be treated as such.  Just as diabetes afflicts the pancreas, depression afflicts the brain and like any chronic illness it can be treated and managed.  If not, it can kill.

If you or someone you know has depression, seek help through your medical professional.  Talk to your family about it.  Don’t expect a miracle cure or just to “snap out of it.”  No one should have to suffer with a treatable illness due to shame or misunderstanding, and no family should have to deal with the aftermath.


4 barks and woofs on “Get Help

  1. Sometimes you think it might run in families and it’s hoped research will sort out any genetic component. A friend or family member put in the position of having to listen to the day in day out misery of a loved one along with the feeling of helplessness can draw one into that vortex. Professional counseling helps, medication helps. and even ECT can provide a miraculous temporary relief, particularly if the victim threatens to do harm to him or herself. Depression is a miserable cloud hanging over the entire family, but no one should suffer it alone.

  2. Thank you for these important words about mental health, especially during what must be a difficult time.

    Please know that I am sorry for your loss, and will be thinking of you and your family.

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