Monday, January 2, 2017

Movie Review: Rogue One

I saw Rogue One today; not in 3-D because A) I am physically incapable of seeing 3-D anything and B) even if I was, Dog did not intend movies to be seen in 3-D. That’s called “theatre.”

As for the film, well, it was a lot of action but it took me a good twenty minutes to get the names and relationships squared away. I like the fact that it was multicultural; nice to know that a galaxy far, far, away isn’t also populated solely with white people with British accents.

The dialogue was a step up from George Lucas’s wooden scripting, and without giving spoilers, I was surprised by the body count.

Kudos to the CGI folks, not just for the effects but for the reanimation of Peter Cushing; I hope his estate got more than scale, and whoever dubbed his voice did a pretty good job (in the restoration of “Lawrence of Arabia,” rumor has it that Rich Little did Claude Rains; was he doing Gov. Tarkin here?).

On the whole it was fun and a good way to kill an afternoon, but I’m wondering if the folks at Lucasfilm are going to be peppering us with features to fill in small gaps in the story line. Next up: how Luke learned to drive. Anything to keep the franchise alive, I guess.

PS: Based on the previews of coming attractions, the screens in 2017 will be a lot of retreads, reboots, and sequels: “Spider-Man,” “The Mummy,” “Transformers,” “Wonder Woman,” and in a way, “Mrs. Miniver,” this time with Kenneth Branagh fighting on the beach of “Dunkirk” in France (except it’s really spelled “Dunkerque,” but I guess the studio didn’t want the 18-34 year-olds who slept through Modern European History to call it “Dunker-Cue.”)