Friday, January 27, 2017

Real World Consequences

If we build a wall to keep Mexicans out, the Mexicans will return the favor and stop selling us stuff or at the very least make us pay a lot more for their products like tequila.

If we torture people we suspect to be terrorists or bad guys, they will torture back, and the next time a soldier is kidnapped in one of those countries such as Afghanistan or Syria, they will pay for it.  Will Trump make the trip to Dover to greet the body parts?

If we threaten China with economic reprisals for their trade practices, they will have no reason to not continue counterfeiting iPods and using slave labor to make tennis shoes and Trump ties.  Oh, and they also hold a lot of our debt.  They might want to call them in.

If we rattle our sabre at North Korea, they might just shoot back.  Their leader is not too stable, either.

This is reality.

2 barks and woofs on “Real World Consequences

  1. Trump and Pence are a danger to this country. Trump is a bully just going around to see who he can try to intimidate. Here we are in the first week of his administration and he is pi—ng whole countries off!

  2. Very good post, Bobby. See, you & I & all the other common sense people know this. OUR problem is our Psycho In Chief & his band of Deplorables.

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