Thursday, January 26, 2017

“Voter Fraud” Is A Fraud Itself

From the New York Times:

President Trump intends to move forward with a major investigation of voter fraud that he says cost him the popular vote, White House officials said Wednesday, despite bipartisan condemnation of his allegations and the conclusion of Mr. Trump’s own lawyers that the election was “not tainted.”

In his first days in the Oval Office, Mr. Trump has renewed his complaint that millions of people voted illegally, depriving him of a popular-vote majority. In two Twitter posts early Wednesday morning, the president vowed to open an inquiry to reveal people who are registered to vote in multiple states or who remain on voting rolls long after they have died.

“We have to understand where the problem exists, how deep it goes, and then suggest some remedies to it,” said Sean Spicer, the president’s press secretary. He said the White House would reveal more details this week.

There’s a difference between fraudulent voter registration and actual voter fraud. The registered election rolls can have lots of mistakes such as dead people still listed, people who moved away, or people who jokingly registered their cat. It requires a lot of work to keep those rolls up-to-date. (Would that they were as good as the development offices at certain schools, colleges, and universities about tracking down alumni who move without telling them…) But when it comes to actually voting, as in showing up at the polls to cast a ballot, that’s what matters. I have voted in every major election since 1972 and I have yet to vote where I wasn’t asked to confirm my name, my address and my signature. So Trump is exploiting the ignorance of the people who think registration is the same as voting.

Not only that, but if “millions of illegals” voted, it would have required a massive secret effort on the part of the fraudsters to pull it off involving thousands of poll workers in every state and in every precinct.  They would have to have been either sworn to secrecy under dire threats or bought off on such a massive scale as to boggle the mind.

Finally, you’d think that if there was this vast conspiracy to get millions of “illegals” to vote, they’d at least have done it in states where it would have changed the Electoral College vote. So the conspirators were crafty enough to pull this off without anyone noticing it on Election Day, but too stupid to figure out where to do it? Erm…

In short, claims of voter fraud on a massive scale are bullshit.

5 barks and woofs on ““Voter Fraud” Is A Fraud Itself

  1. Trump’s Voter Fraud crusade is analogous to Oil Companies sowing doubt about global warming:

    Clearly garbage with even a minimum of examination, but that’s not the point. The point is to provide enough doubt that enough of your rabid, mindless base can sow confusion.

  2. Let’s ignore this shiny object and focus on the reemergence of the contraception gag rule that was brought back from the dead by a fiat from Trump. A rule that will cause the death of hundreds of women in Africa and other countries that rely on clinics operated by American doctors and nurses who provide expert health care. Among these services are those of family planning – pap smears, breast exams, HIV tests, and ways to control pregnancy. Nick Kristoff is horrified by the rule’s reemergence, being an advocate of women in poor countries and Gail Collins nails it. She points out that the Vice President, Mike Pence, has been an ultra-religious anti-abortion anti-family planning advocate during his time as governor of Indiana. He cut off funding to family planning clinics which meant that one part of Indiana had an uptick in HIV. So the person piddling in Trump’s ear is Pence. Trump isn’t so much a puppet of Putin as he is of Pence.

    • I agree with Faithful Correspondent. Let’s focus on what he is really doing and not the things he works so hard to make the press concentrate on.

  3. I moved 46 years ago and never give a thought to canceling my Connecticut voters registration. I assume they have figured it out by now.

  4. With approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants, 3 to 5 million votes would be 27% to 45% of them performing an action that likely would get them arrested in deported. They’re not dumbass Merkins!

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