Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Catblogging

Does anyone smoke a pipe anymore? I started in 1972 and did it off and on until about twenty years ago, but I still have my collection, including my first one.  (And no, I didn’t use it for pot.  I lost my weed pipe years ago.)

“How long has it been since…?”

One bark on “Friday Catblogging

  1. This is just weird. Yesterday while parked near Wild Birds Unlimited your father and I saw a fellow with a pipe clutched in his teeth as he loaded up his pick-up. I remarked on how I loved the smell of pipe tobacco and missed seeing my father-in-law with a pipe in his mouth and the sweet smell of his tobacco. My own father used to use a pipe on occasion and had a lovely collection of pipes. Your father says he never did – he preferred the cigars he got from my father even though neither of them ever smoked cigarettes . . . too feminine I suppose. I believe part of the pleasure of pipe smoking is the paraphernalia and the little fiddling one does, cleaning, tamping, struggling to light up and most of all the beautiful pipes and tobacco boxes. I wonder if some of those you show here used to belong to Clyde or Mid.

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