Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How’s He Doing So Far?

Well, you can’t say he’s been resting on his laurels.

In record time, the 45th president has set off global outrage with a ban on travelers from Muslim-majority countries, fired his acting attorney general for refusing to defend the ban and watched as federal courts swiftly moved to block the policy, calling it an unconstitutional use of executive power.

The president angrily provoked the cancellation of a summit meeting with the Mexican president, hung up on Australia’s prime minister, authorized a commando raid that resulted in the death of a Navy SEAL member, repeatedly lied about the existence of millions of fraudulent votes cast in the 2016 election and engaged in Twitter wars with senators, a sports team owner, a Hollywood actor and a major department store chain. His words and actions have generated almost daily protests around the country.

He told us he was coming to Washington to shake things up.  So far he’s got nothing to worry about in that department.

In another five days his presidency will have outlasted that of William Henry Harrison.  Care to bet on if he makes it as long as James A. Garfield?