Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Imagine The Howls

Via the Washington Post:

Trump was aware that his national security adviser Michael Flynn had misled White House officials and Vice President Pence for “weeks” before he was forced to resign on Monday night.

Trump was briefed by White House Counsel Don McGahn that Flynn had discussed U.S. sanctions with the Russian ambassador “immediately” after McGahn was informed that Flynn had misled Pence, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Tuesday.

“We’ve been reviewing and evaluating this issue with respect to Gen. Flynn on a daily basis for a few weeks, trying to ascertain the truth,” Spicer said.

The comments contradict the impression given by Trump on Friday aboard Air Force One that he was not familiar with a Washington Post report that revealed that Flynn had not told the truth about the calls.

“I don’t know about that. I haven’t seen it. What report is that? I haven’t seen that. I’ll look into that,” Trump told the plane.

If President Obama had known that one of his top advisers had not just lied to Vice President Biden and the White House staff but lied about it for weeks, the impeachment would have been over and done in twenty minutes.

Oh, and if Mike Pence had any scruples whatsoever, he’d tell Trump to get bent and resign.  Yeah, that’ll happen.

One bark on “Imagine The Howls

  1. It looks more and more as though Pence is not the eminence grise that a lot of people thought he would be. Just another outsider.

    And it’s worth noting that congressional Republicans don’t see the need for an investigation.

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