Friday, February 10, 2017

Out For The Weekend

As alluded to in Friday Catblogging below, this weekend is the 11th annual Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance where I will mingle with the rich, famous, and strangely-clad.  This is a fun time to see some great antique autos and motorcycles as well as spend quality time with my brother, who has made this a regular reason to come to South Florida and thaw out a little.

Since I am addicted to the keyboard, I will be updating here with some photos of the weekend and hoping to share some of them for you to admire remnants of a time when style and engineering and just plain fun plied highways and byways.  And even though I know this crowd is most assuredly not of the pussy-hat contingency, we can all get along as long as there’s mint in the iced tea and we all agree that the Ford Mustang is a god.  Right?

1966 Ford Mustang GT

One bark on “Out For The Weekend

  1. Bobby, I will agree with you re. the Mustang, But, you MUST agree the Camaro is the Goddess. Right??? Right!!!
    I had the ’67 Camaro. I miss her all the time!!

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