Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Boob Tube

Via the Independent (UK):

Being US President is one of the most demanding jobs in the world. Donald Trump seems to have already mastered his schedule however. As well as getting up early to watch cable TV shows, he also records them to “obsessively” watch in the evening, it has been reported.

According to Gabriel Sherman, National Affairs Editor at New York Magazine, people close to the White House say Mr Trump has begun watching “a lot” of Fox News recently, after a period of tuning in to CNN. But not wanting to miss anything, the President also has a system that allows him to catch up on the day’s morning shows before bed.

Appearing on Slate magazine’s Trump podcast on Monday, Sherman shared information he had gleaned from his White House contacts with host Jacob Weisberg. “My sources in Trumpworld say that he watches a lot of Fox,” he said. “But the other thing he does, a source close to the White House has told me, is that he DVRs [digitally records] basically all of the cable news.”

Mr Trump’s TV consumption has reportedly been a source of concern to his aides since he became President. But so far his team has failed to have any real influence on what Sherman calls his “obsessive” behaviour. “It’s kind of remarkable really, that someone would actually want to watch cable news on recording,” he says. “Donald Trump apparently does, and when he goes back up to the residence at the end of the day, I’ve been told he spends a lot of time flipping through the cable networks, including CNN, and catching up on the way he’s been covered. This is a man whose validation is cemented by the way the media covers him, so he obsessively monitors his media coverage.”

How pathetically insecure do you have to be to be both President of the United States and still need of approval and validation by a bunch of sycophantic pundits on Fox News?

Okay, Mom, you were right: too much TV can turn your brain to mush.

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  1. There he was yesterday tweeting messages to the members of the House Intelligence Committee with suggestions of what to ask Comey. “Leaks?” anyone. So apparently he spent the day watching TV, not being President. And he spends the weekends playing golf, not being President. I ask you, when is he President?

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