Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Just Enough Compassion

Frank Rich has a very long piece in the current issue of New York magazine in which he expresses no sympathy for the Trump voters who will inevitably find themselves completely screwed over by the man they voted for and who fell for his bullshit.

There’s no way liberals can counter these voters’ blind faith in a huckster who’s sold them this snake oil. The notion that they can be won over by some sort of new New Deal — “domestic programs that would benefit everyone (like national health insurance),” as Mark Lilla puts it — is wishful thinking. These voters are so adamantly opposed to government programs that in some cases they refuse to accept the fact that aid they already receive comes from Washington — witness the “Keep Government Out of My Medicare!” placards at the early tea-party protests.

Perhaps it’s a smarter idea to just let the GOP own these intractable voters. Liberals looking for a way to empathize with conservatives should endorse the core conservative belief in the importance of personal responsibility. Let Trump’s white working-class base take responsibility for its own votes — or in some cases failure to vote — and live with the election’s consequences. If, as polls tell us, many voters who vilify Obamacare haven’t yet figured out that it’s another name for the Affordable Care Act that’s benefiting them — or if they do know and still want the Trump alternative — then let them reap the consequences for voting against their own interests. That they will sabotage other needy Americans along with them is unavoidable in any case now — at least until voters stage an intervention in an election to come.

The people who elected Trump are all over the age of eighteen.  They may act like children, but they’re adults in the eyes of the law and therefore are responsible for what they’ve brought upon themselves, so they have no one to blame for what’s to come but themselves.  I don’t need to feel any sympathy for their plight when their health insurance becomes unaffordable, when their elderly shut-in parent doesn’t get fed, and their blind rage when the rich get a great big tax cut and use it for the house in Antigua instead of reopening the coal mines.

I’m assuming they’re now a part of this collapse of the support for Trump.  They may even regret their vote now or are at least beginning to wonder if perhaps they got conned.  Well, okay, nice of them to realize that.  But they voted for this racist sexist cowardly bully; let them own that.

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  1. I can’t get over the woman in Tennessee, in the news last week, who credits “Trumpcare” for the dramatically lower health-care premiums her son is paying since he got laid off. The Republican health care bill is nowhere near becoming law yet! (BTW it should be called a “wealth care” bill.) How many more people like her are out there and operating heavy machinery?

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