Friday, March 10, 2017

Keep Hope Alive

Steve M is throwing cold water on the idea of the premature end of the Trump regime.

Stop. Just stop. This isn’t going to happen. Yes, you can point to individual Trump voters who are now disillusioned, but when 91% of Republicans still approve of his job performance, as they do in the most recent Quinnipiac poll, there’s absolutely no chance that Republicans in Congress will pursue investigations of the president, much less vote to impeach and convict, no would they oppose the president in the extraordinarily unlikely event that Section 4 of the 25th Amendment were invoked. (Even if “a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments” in the White House were to call for Trump’s removal, he could still appeal to Congress and two-thirds of its members would have to vote to give him the boot. You’re more likely to win the lottery and be struck by lightning on the same day than to see either of these events.)

Do we think Trump wouldn’t fight like hell to stay in office if challenged? Did we learn nothing from last weekend’s tweetstorm? This is a man whose most primal conditioned response is: I must go on the attack, as viciously and relentlessly as possible, whenever anyone threatens my reputation. This is not a man who, if he’s under siege, is not going to pace the White House corridors moping and drinking and feeling sorry for himself — he’s never going to be Nixon in the final days.

And no, he’s not going crazy: That tweetstorm looked preposterous, but in the right-wing bubble where the majority of white American voters apparently live, it changed the narrative of the Russia story. Those people literally believe that Barack Obama is the real villain of Hackgate. Trump’s no crazier than your uncle who watches Fox all day.

In all likelihood he’s right; there is too much inertia in our system to make it happen, especially as I’ve noted previously that impeachment doesn’t happen when the president and his party are in power in the House and Senate.  I also know that it would take extraordinary measures to invoke Amendment XXV, Section 4.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways; if not to remove him at least make him as powerful as your crazy uncle who watches Fox all day.

Marching and protesting are ways of raising consciousness, but so are letters — not mass e-mails or “petitions” (and please donate!) pleas — and phone calls — not robocalls from outsiders — to your local representative in Congress or the state house.  Creepy people can make threats against minorities, but concerned citizens with real stories and families can make a difference, and often do.  By the time the mid-term elections come around, there can be enough candidates from the opposition and enough momentum against the trashing of the country by oligarchs and polluters that Democrats can take back the House and the Senate.  That would ensure that by January 2019 all Trump has left is his Twitter account.

So settle in. Trump’s going to be president until at least January 20, 2017 2021. Figure out what to do about that.

We may have to “settle in,” but we will never settle for Trump.

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  1. It’s not only Trump, it’s the people he’s put in charge, from Price to Sessions to Pruit to DeVos to Tillerson – all of them there to gut the departments they’re in charge of an eliminate any government assistance at all period. In addition, it seems that positions below the level that requires Congressional approval are being filled with Trump-drones, some of which have only a high school education. AND along with that is the nagging conviction that Putin is pulling the strings. What will it take for a pliant Congress to contradict him? Pitchforks and axes?

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