Wednesday, March 15, 2017

No News Taxes

After a big build-up and a long lead-in, Rachel Maddow released two pages of Trump’s 2005 federal tax return.  The White House actually scooped her by releasing it first.  It shows he made a lot of money and paid 25% in taxes after a bunch of write-offs, which anyone with a lot of money and a decent accountant would do.

Trump’s defenders are saying “nothing to see here, move along,” and they’re probably right.  But if Trump had followed the lead of every other president in the last forty years and released all of his taxes without making up flimsy excuses like “I’m under audit” or “the dog ate them,” then there would be no news about no-news taxes from twelve years ago in the first place.

One bark on “No News Taxes

  1. Wait a damn minute: This is two cover pages of the “Client”s tax return for a year the “client” chose to show. It shows nothing about the source of the income, for example. Something we’d all like to know. And why that particular year? Because “client” paid substantial tax for a change? Client is no doubt the source of the mailbox drop so client can strike a pose as a conscientious citizen who faithfully pays his owed taxes. Question: why did Trump brag about paying no tax “because I’m smart”? Inquiring people want to know.

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