Friday, March 31, 2017

The Poor People of Kansas

I’m not just talking about those folks in that nice state who don’t have enough money to pay for medical care on their own and are now being denied expanded Medicaid because their governor is a religious fanatic.

I mean everybody, rich or poor, who has to live with this kook who drove the state’s economy into the ground on purpose, decimating the public school system in the process, and tried to tell the world it was actually an improvement.

2 barks and woofs on “The Poor People of Kansas

  1. The voters in Kansas who kept him in office despite their own interests might start a correspondence with the voters in West Virginia who elected Trump because he said he’d bring back the coal industry. Almost a quarter of West Virginia’s jobs are in the health sector while less than 5% are still working coal. But Trump and Ryan want to strip health care from the poor and sick with the resulting loss of West Virginia’s health care jobs. Go figure.

    • Mr. Einstein: ” Insanity, doing the same things over & over again & expecting different results”. This Xstian guv keeps playing this “I’m a christian, so vote for me again. I don’t DO christian stuff, I just say so.

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