Monday, March 27, 2017

Who Tweets For Trump?

Steve M digs into the weeds to see who’s really writing those early-morning 140-character blasts.

It’s long been known that Trump doesn’t write (or dictate) all of his own tweets. It’s possible to determine whether a Trump tweet came from an iPhone or an Android phone by looking at it in Tweetdeck, and it’s widely believed that Trump’s more inflammatory tweets have been posted on an Android device, while staffers have written the more staid tweets on an iPhone.

But The Guardian noted earlier this month that very Trumpy tweets are now being posted from an iPhone — at the time of the Guardian story, Trump hadn’t used an Android in eleven days, for any kind of tweet. (There’d been pressure on Trump to give up his Android phone, a very insecure Samsung Galaxy S3.)


So maybe some of the tweets Trump doesn’t write are now being sent via Android. Trump aides know that we know the old pattern. Maybe they’re trying to mix it up.

This reminds me of the days of the Soviet Union when you could tell who was in power in the Kremlin and who had the ear of the leadership by where they stood on the observation platform of Lenin’s tomb at the May Day parade.

Pretty soon every media outlet is going to have to hire a Tweet Analyst.