Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Via Greg Sargent:

The 100-day mark of the Trump presidency is approaching, and his aides are worried that the media narrative will depict his historically awful lack of accomplishments with highly unflattering levels of accuracy. But don’t tell that to President Trump. He knows the real problem is that the news media won’t acknowledge how terrific the start to his presidency has actually been in comparison with his loser predecessors…


A new Gallup poll out this morning, however, strongly suggests that an increasing number of Americans just don’t believe Trump’s spin about his presidency anymore. It finds that only 45 percent of Americans think Trump keeps his promises, down from 62 percent in February, an astonishing slide of 17 points…

I think Trump actually does know that he’s off to the worst start since William Henry Harrison and that’s why he’s doing all that butch stuff like dropping a huge bomb in Afghanistan and pushing the “go it alone” sabre-rattling on North Korea.  The cable TV people love that sort of stuff; they get to pull out those cool graphics and talk all military with retired generals.  They get to rattle off acronyms like MOAB and BFO and pretend they know what life is like in the trenches.

Actually, it doesn’t really matter what the polls say or whether or not the Trump voter is finally getting clued in that they elected a fraud and a bullshit artist (*’Bout Time You Found Out), and frankly I don’t care that they’re now disappointed.  The damage has already been done and whether or not Trump lasts his full term is a moot point; even if the entire GOP has an Oedipus moment — roughly translated as “Holy shit, what have I done?” — fixing the damage to our country and ourselves is going to take more than just an election cycle.

For those of us over the age of fifty, we thought we had this taken care of when our long national nightmare was over after Watergate and we all hung out at The System Works Bar and Grille and congratulated ourselves on saving America in a bipartisan fashion.  It lasted one presidential election cycle and then we were back at it again with the Moral Majority demonizing minorities, Iran-Contra, and right-wing nutsery that made Richard Nixon’s campaign of character assassination look like Candyland.

The disappointed Republicans aren’t going to vote for a Democrat.  They’re going to look around for someone else to blame (mirrors being in short supply) and they’ll be happy to settle on another huckster who can soothe their wounds.

Don’t look now, but I think the odds on Ted Cruz primarying Trump in 2020 are better than even.

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  1. A new book is out, an account that depicts a dysfunctional Clinton campaign, written by by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes titled “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign” and it’s devastating. It portrays a Titanic looking for an iceberg. And much of the fault lies with the candidate herself. She didn’t listen to Bill and others who advised her to reach out to voters other than her base – among other failings. The review by Kakutani says that the book’s observations will devastate her supporters and everyone who cares about the outcome and the “momentous consequences of the election”. So we have Russia to blame and now Hillary Clinton for what the country will bear in the coming years. A long national nightmare all over again and this time with a loaded right-wing Supreme Court.

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