Tuesday, April 25, 2017

State Department: Visit Mar-a-Lago!

So now we’re pimping out the “winter White House”?

Over on ShareAmerica.gov, a website intended to be forward-facing to foreign countries about issues of mutual concern, there’s a big fat promo for Mar-a-Lago. This promo not only appears on the ShareAmerica United States website, but also the sites for other countries.

The text of the promo reads in part, “Trump is not the first president to have access to Mar-a-Lago as a Florida retreat, but he is the first one to use it. By visiting this “winter White House,” Trump is belatedly fulfilling the dream of Mar-a-Lago’s original owner and designer.”

The site has all sorts of historical tidbits about the property, but leaves out the fact that it is owned by Trump and membership costs $200,000 to join.

Your tax dollars are at work enriching this guy.

One bark on “State Department: Visit Mar-a-Lago!

  1. The Secretary of State is operating without a team. There’s no one sitting in the empty offices where once people with years of experience negotiating the complicated business of the Department of State once managed America’s dealing with the likes of Yemen or Hungary or, worse, North Korea. Trump has starved that department and sidelined Rex Tillerson – he wasn’t even invited to the big meeting with the Security Council of the UN. So what do idle hands do? They promote the interests of the boss, saying “look at us!”.

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