Sunday, May 7, 2017

Macron Wins French Presidency

Via the Guardian:

The pro-EU centrist Emmanuel Macron has won the French presidency with a decisive victory over the far-right Marine Le Pen that his supporters hailed as holding back the tide of populism.

Macron, 39, a former economy minister who ran as a “neither left nor right” independent promising to shake up the French political system, took 65.1% to Le Pen’s 34.9%, according to initial projections from early counts.

But Le Pen’s score nonetheless marked a historic high for the French far right. Despite a lacklustre campaign that ended with a calamitous performance in the final TV debate, she was projected to have taken more than 10 million votes, roughly double that of her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, when he reached the presidential run-off in 2002. The anti-immigration, anti-EU Front National’s supporters asserted that the party has a central place as an opposition force in France.

It looks like the French saw what electing a narcissistic nativist with a nasty racist streak does to a country and said, “Non, merci.”

One bark on “Macron Wins French Presidency

  1. I remember the Freedom Fries. The French got this one right! Dad always told me to never trust the French, pop I think you need to reconsider that statement. Bon chance to them!

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