Monday, May 22, 2017

Major Upset

From Augie Ray via Facebook:

People think that those of on the left are upset about Trump. They’re right, but not completely. Trump is a symptom, not the disease.

We’re upset that some people lose their shit about a quarterback taking a knee during the anthem but have nothing say when a crowd of torch-bearing white supremacists chants “Russia is our friend.”

We’re upset that while the President of the United States gets caught in one lie after another, some possibly pointing to impeachable offenses in just the first 120 days of his administration, some of you are more concerned about the leaks that permit us to learn about the potentially criminal and dangerous activity.

We’re upset because no one owns the idea of wanting to make American great, and it certainly won’t be done by giving tax breaks for the rich and paying for it with the health care used by the sick, poor and elderly.

We’re upset because truth matters and too many Americans feel it is acceptable to chase insane conspiracy theories spouted by the likes of Alex Jones and Infowars while choosing to ignore and deride the hard work of news organizations following ethical processes to source and verify the news they publish.

We’re upset that some people are so committed to free speech they are moved to complain when a handful of conservative speaking events on college campuses are shut down, preventing hundreds from hearing the same people they watch every night on TV and YouTube, but not when systemic gerrymandering and voter suppression efforts prevent tens or hundreds of thousands from having their voice heard at the election box.

We’re upset that 12,000 people are murdered in gun violence each year, yet most of those are greeted with indifference until the rare instance when an undocumented immigrant commits a crime, and then it becomes a reason to smear large groups of people.

We’re upset that some claim to love the Constitution but constantly complain about the equal protections it provides to people they don’t like.

We’re upset that our planet’s climate is changing but some would prefer to fight for yesterday’s fuel sources rather than support tomorrow’s, even if it risks their children’s and grandchildren’s futures.

We’re upset that a significant portion of our nation agrees with the wealthy, white man born of privilege when he whines about being mistreated but is silent when unarmed people of color are shot and killed by police.

We’re not upset about Trump. We’re upset so many people were willing to elect him and even now support him as his administration hurts the poor and needy, diminishes public education, attempts to reinstate unfair and racist sentencing policies, shreds protection of our air, water and planet, embarrasses the US with allies, and tries to evade the basic rules of transparency and ethics that are key to our Democracy.

If you think we’re upset now, wait until he actually manages to pass something through Congress.  So far the only thing holding us back has been his colossal ineptitude and inability to do anything more than just talk and trip over his own corruption.

HT to CLW.