Thursday, May 4, 2017

Royal Twitterpation

I woke up this morning to rumors that there was some palace intrigue going on in London.  It was based on a summons for all the household staff to come to Buckingham Palace, which set off all sorts of stories on Twitter about the health of the queen and/or Prince Philip.

Turns out to be just a staff meeting.

The BBC’s royal correspondent Peter Hunt understands the meeting is not about the health of either the Queen or Duke of Edinburgh.

Officials at the palace have not said what this morning’s meeting, reported to involve all senior staff from across the UK, is about.

Such internal royal meetings usually happen about once a year.

The Queen and Prince Philip both fulfilled engagements on Wednesday.

The Queen met Prime Minister Theresa May at Buckingham Palace to formally agree the dissolution of parliament ahead of the general election, while Prince Philip attended Lord’s Cricket Ground to open a new stand.

And Paul McCartney is still alive, too.

Update: Via the BBC, Buckingham Palace announced that Prince Philip will retire from doing public engagements this autumn.  Hardly a surprise; he will be 96 next month.