Monday, May 1, 2017

So Quit Already

Booman makes a detailed and cogent case why Trump should just throw in the towel and go back to his gold-plated tower in New York and leave the rest of us alone.

I can’t envision a single way Trump can win on anything, pretty much ever, under any foreseeable circumstances. And maybe what we’ll get is an impotent and stymied president explaining how everyone else is to blame. Our system is rotten. Both parties are colluding against him. The media is corrupt and fake.

Other presidents might find a way out in the unity that comes from a national security crisis. But he’s not capable of populating his own Pentagon and State Department, let alone talking about foreign policy in a way that might unite people behind his leadership. Bush was bad enough, but people felt like he had adults surrounding him and that we didn’t have a whole lot of choice but to give him a chance. Trump is at war with his own intelligence community and the State Department, and he couldn’t possibly have less credibility with the plurality of people who voted against him. That could become dangerous if the crisis is real and national unity is needed, but that’s all the more reason that he’s doomed.

There are still theoretical ways out of this mess, but they’re not realistic. He’s created a situation in which he’s wholly dependent on a party that is dysfunctional and that cannot and will not deliver for him. He can’t attack them or sideline them to approach the Democrats, and the Democrats wouldn’t have him if he tried.

He should quit. Honestly, he should see the writing on the wall and just quit. Parliamentary governments fail to form after elections all the time. It’s not all that unusual. This government isn’t going to work, and making us wait it out for three and a half years is as stupid as it is irresponsible.

We already know that he feels like he was blindsided by the job itself, basically telling Reuters that he had no idea the job would be this hard.  As if no other president in the history of the nation ever said it was the hardest job in the world, and even if they had, if they didn’t say it on Fox News, he never heard about it.

An adult who was in way over his head would own up to the reality of it and admit that he’s not up to the job.  History and the American public would look kindly on an honest admission of failure and acceptance of defeat.  We have a knack for making heroes out of lovable losers.

Unfortunately, we are not dealing with an adult who is capable of admitting failure.  I’m not even sure we’re dealing with an adult.  So unless fate and the House of Representatives intervenes, we are saddled with a flailing and failing presidency for the next 3.75 years in which the rest of the world will keep spinning, crisis will come and go, and the role that we play as the only remaining superpower will be hobbled and discredited while this administration claws its way along attacking mythical problems and proposing utterly unworkable solutions that play to a narrow yet vocal base of proudly ignorant and hate-filled clods who are willing to sacrifice their rights and posterity for a free hat.

He will never quit.  So the rest of us must not either.  There is too much at stake.

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  1. We must continue to oppose him and his horrible policies. Every day I wake up and hear about yet more stupidity from the WH. It appears to me that he thinks he was elected king.

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