Thursday, June 1, 2017

Crap On A Cracker

Of course the right-wingers were horrified by Kathy Griffin’s severed Trump head photo, but don’t expect them to condemn Ted Nugent for his violent and obscene anti-Hillary Clinton and Obama statements; he was just speaking his mind.

Of course the right-wingers are starting a campaign to boycott Rachel Maddow for supporting liberal causes, but don’t expect them to stop calling a liberal boycott of Sean Hannity “economic terrorism” and a “violation of the First Amendment.”

And don’t bother to point out to them that they’re hypocrites who are ass-deep in double standards; these hard-core family-values types are old hands at looking at the exact same thing done by two different people and make a convincing argument — at least to themselves and Wolf Blitzer — that they’re completely different because, well, they are.

The best thing to do is marvel at the creative ability to come up with steaming bullshit and convince the world it’s pate de fois gras.

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