Monday, June 12, 2017

Firing Line

The news media figured out over the weekend that Trump could fire the special counsel, Robert Mueller, if he wanted to.  From Politico:

One of President Donald Trump’s attorneys on Sunday wouldn’t rule out the possibility the president would fire the special counsel appointed to look into his campaign’s potential ties to Russia.

Robert Mueller was appointed by the Justice Department last month to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. And on Sunday, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked Trump attorney Jay Sekulow whether the president would pledge not to interfere or order the attorney general to fire Mueller.

“Look, the president of the United States, as we all know, is a unitary executive,” Sekulow said on ABC’s “This Week.” “But the president is going to seek the advice of his counsel and inside the government as well as outside. And I’m not going to speculate on what he will, or will not, do.”

And since the Republicans don’t really care what he does and wouldn’t vote to impeach or convict him of anything, he could get away with it.  It doesn’t matter whether or not it makes him look guilty as hell; he already does and he still has a base that thinks he’s wonderful and all this Russia nonsense is Hillary people sucking on sour grapes.