Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Georgia 6 Results

I hate it when I’m right.

At the very least, we made her work for it, and in last November’s election, the Republican won by over 20 points.  So there’s a storm brewing for them.

As for dumb punditry, Chris Cillizza of CNN wins for telling me that the Democrats blew an easy win.  In a district that hasn’t been won by the Democrats since the Carter administration, the fact that Jon Ossoff came within ten points was pretty damn good.  So bite me.

Bonus Track: Josh Marshall.

This is a big disappointment. But remember, by any objective measure these races show a Democratic party resurgent and a GOP on the ropes. These seats came open because they were vacated by people Trump picked for cabinet appointments. They got those picks because they came from safe seats. They are by no means a cross section of House seats. The thing to do is learn what we can from coming up just short and move on to the next fight. No one should expect any of this to be easy. If you do, bow out of civic questions and just watch movies and TV. We need people with more endurance.

Who’s next?

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  1. I’m hearing Ossof was bitten by the attacks on his residency – “he’s not from here, he’s a carpet bagger” – even though the man was born and raised in the district. Maybe if he’d relied less on talking about the Russia/Trump team investigation and climate change warnings, he’d have been better connected. He probably should have brought in more good ol’ boys from the Sixth who could say I knew him when. A lesson learned.

  2. I like Ossof . He is the type of young blood we need. He is grounded and level headed. Nothing against the old timers like Hillary, Bernie, Biden etal.
    I hope to see more of I like Ossof in the future.

  3. The victorious ones will have to run again a year from now. These 4 will gain from the superlative job that Trump has done to revitalize the coal industry. And then the Mexican Focus auto plant that he got Ford to cancel; its moving to china and that is so much better. And his peacemaking efforts will include a deal with Putin: They will not shoot at our aircraft if we don’t fly in Syria; Color him mellow yellow for that marvelous strategy. And he’s reducing the federal work force as well by not replacing those he recently terminated like the US attorneys. The Republicans have accomplished all this in one quarter! After 7 more quarters of this rampant success what sort of democrat would have the moxie to run against this administration and its cohorts. And just wait till they get TrunpCare done! Wowser!

  4. One thing that has largely gone unremarked in the special election post-mortems is how much the Democrats managed to pick up in a few months — they lost four, but by relatively narrow margins — 5 points or less — in districts that were “safe” Republican seats.

    Betty Cracker at Balloon Juice published a good take on the mechanics:

    If Democrats can keep up the momentum — granted, a big “if” — 2018 should be full of welcome surprises.

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