Friday, June 2, 2017

Job Openings

Following up on what I noted the other day: working in the Trump White House is career suicide.

BuzzFeed News spoke with 20 Republican communicators and operatives, many of whom have worked on Capitol Hill and in presidential campaigns and some who have declined previous offers to join the Trump administration. Nearly all said they would be unwilling to accept an offer to replace [White House Communications Director Mike] Dubke.

“Hell no!” said one Republican — one of the most common types of response BuzzFeed News got from operatives. “That would be career suicide.”

Others brought a mix of dark humor.

“That’s like asking someone who just witnessed a horrific bungee jumping accident whether they would like to go next,” one Republican source responded in a text message.

“It would be only a few months on the job before tapping out the ‘I want to spend more time with family’ email,” another said.

One operative whose spouse works in the Trump administration dissolved into laughter upon being asked if they would want the role.

“Sorry, I’m sorry,” the source said between stifled laughs. “Oh, you’re being serious? Oh my god, I’m crying of laughter. Why would anyone in their right mind want to be his communications director?”

Even some responses that weren’t entirely terrible were still bad for the White House. “Coming on board now is a bit like taking over communications for the White Star Line after the Titanic has sunk,” a former George W. Bush staffer said. “I mean, no one is going to blame you and how much worse can it possibly get?”

Bomb disposal? Giving a bath to a bobcat?

The only upside is that you would be guaranteed a guest slot on Fox News.

One bark on “Job Openings

  1. As noted on Morning Joe, one would have to hire a legal team before taking a job in this White House. Put that into your calculation of whether the pay would cover the legal bills and the psychiatric consultations you’d no doubt need after just a couple of months on the job. You can see why there’s no one jumping at the chance to Make America Great Again.

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