Monday, June 26, 2017

Perfectly Legit

I’m sure there’s nothing at all suspicious about a bank in Germany loaning the Republican candidate’s son-in-law more than a quarter of a billion dollars a month before the election.  After all, no one thought Trump would win, right?  So what’s a friendly transaction for real estate in New York going to matter?  The fact that the bank was negotiating a settlement on federal fraud and Russian money-laundering charges is just a coincidence, right?

We don’t know, but I think Special Counsel Robert Mueller is going to look into it.

Here’s the thing: the actual crime, if there is one, isn’t as big as the attempts to cover it up; that’s practically an axiom in the scandal business.  So if someone goes to jail or ends up paying a huge fine, it’s not because of that; it’s because they tried to hide it from the people who had the right to know what was going on.