Friday, June 9, 2017

That’s Your Excuse?

Speaker Paul Ryan says that Trump is too dumb to know what he’s doing, so give him a break already.

“The president is new at this,” Ryan said. “He’s new to government. And so he probably wasn’t steeped into the long going protocols that established the relationships between DOJ, FBI, and White Houses.”

When a reporter questioned why that’s an “acceptable excuse,” given that Trump has a staff and counsel that should have been informed, Ryan reiterated that Trump did not know what he was doing.

“He’s new at government,” Ryan said. “Therefore I think he is learning as he goes.”

He’s saying this about the man who claimed to be “very smart,” “I’ve got a great brain,” “I know more than … the generals,” but now he’s trying to give him cover because he’s too new and requires coaching?

One bark on “That’s Your Excuse?

  1. When Trump told everyone else to clear the room as he wanted to talk to the FBI Director alone, that means he knew what he was doing. It is not an innocent mistake.

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