Wednesday, July 12, 2017

But His E-mails

Call it Shakespearean, call it Sophoclean, or just plain karmic, but I find it supremely ironic that a presidency that got elected on the basis of raising a huge hue and cry over Hillary Clinton’s e-mails is on the verge of collapse because of their own e-mail trail.

As for the “homina-homina” explanations by the various Trump defenders — “Well, nothing came of the meeting, the Russian lawyer didn’t really have anything” — the fact that Trump Jr. took the meeting with the full knowledge of what was promised is problematic enough.  If you aim a gun at someone with the intention of shooting them but the gun jams or you miss, it’s still attempted murder, or at the very least assault.

The inner circle at the White House is sounding like they know their time there is being measured in billable hours and that an administration that came to town planning to “shake things up” and “make history” is on the verge of collapse.  Even Vice President Pence is putting distance between himself and the shambles in the West Wing and probably wondering to himself if Jerry Ford left behind any notes.

The last thing these people care about now is how to run the government and do what they were ostensibly elected to do.  Healthcare?  Immigration?  Education?  Infrastructure?  The war(s)?  Those are mere distractions; they’re bringing out the long knives and going after each other now, and the peoples’ business — as if they ever really cared about it in the first place except for what they could get for themselves — will languish.  At some point the whole thing will collapse.

When it does, maybe — just maybe — enough people will realize that despite all the warnings, all the jokes, all of the debates, and all of the assaults on the lives of the innocent, we are the ones who brought this all on ourselves.  He never should have been given the chance in the first place, and we have only ourselves to blame.

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  1. While we flap our gums about how horrific this administration is (accurately) a recent poll, Marist, that is supported by the PBS among other reputable organizations tells us that 85% of Republican voters stand behind Trump and think that all this “Russian business” is a nothing-burger and that Trump or Junior have done nothing wrong. So . . . .

  2. What an excuse: ‘Well, we went there to commit treason but the red commies reneged on their promise.’

    I know the family members involved are adults, but Trump could have pushed them to run the business and stay away from a dirty campaign. Instead he has dragged them down with him. This is not sad; it is reprehensible.

    • Sorry Geez, they got there all by themselves. Junior brags that just about all the money behind the family business is Russian and Jared’s dad served time for fraud so the son has learned how to do it and not get caught. But I’ll bet this time he’ll follow daddy along with his brother-in-law.

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