Thursday, July 13, 2017

Going Down With Him

Trump can take comfort knowing that his base is still with him.

Before the latest revelations surfaced Tuesday regarding Donald Trump Jr.’s emails about his meeting with a Russian lawyer, 50 percent of Americans said the Russia allegations swirling around the Trump administration represented a “serious issue” that should be investigated.

Slightly fewer Americans, 46 percent, called the issue a “distraction” — and the split fell heavily along party lines.


Of the 9,056 total responses, 50 percent said it was a serious issue and 46 said it was more of a distraction. Partisanship polarized the results: 83 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents said the allegations were more of a distraction, while 83 percent of Democrats and Democratic leaners called it a serious issue.

Not unlike April 1912 in the North Atlantic: “Get in the lifeboat, please.”  “What, and leave this nice ship, all shiny and new, for some rickety open boat?  Surely you jest, sir.  That iceberg was just a distraction.  Now run along and bring me my absinthe.”

One bark on “Going Down With Him

  1. The Russians high jacked our election. This is a very serious concern. How much the Trump people helped in this effort we do not know. We do know there is a lot of smoke. I am hopeful that Robert Mueller can sort this all out for us. The Trump team is up to their eyeballs with the Russians. This cannot be good.

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