Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How Long Did That Take?

If you were wondering when the Trumpists would blame all of their troubles on someone else, you’re too late.

  • There’s an emerging strategy to turn this back around on the Democrats.
  • An extreme example of this approach is Roger Stone, who texted Axios: “The president can turn the tables and dominate the dialogue by ordering the indictment of [James] Clapper, [John] Brennan, [Susan] Rice and [former president Barack] Obama for the wholesale unconstitutional surveillance of Americans… I would seriously arrest [and] perp walk every one of these criminals, making as big a show of it as possible.”
  • Although Stone is a longtime confidant of Trump, this in no way reflects the strategy preferred by current White House staffers. With that said, there are already internal conversations about turning this into a conversation about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and the way they handled sensitive intelligence.

The next bet will be on when there’s a call to impeach President Obama.

One bark on “How Long Did That Take?

  1. The only way they can impeach President Obama is that he is back in office as President again; one can only hope.

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