Monday, July 24, 2017

It Was Never About You…And It’s All Your Fault

Steve M has a very concise lesson for Trump fans: He doesn’t care about you.  He never did, and he never will.

Lincoln had the Civil War. FDR had the Great Depression and World War II. LBJ had the Great Society and Vietnam. George W. Bush had the aftermath of 9/11.

The great mission — the great cause — of Donald Trump’s presidency? Saving his own ass.

Sorry, you got suckered, Trump fans — and I don’t mean just the Joe Sixpacks with axle grease under the fingernails. I also mean the mainstream Republicans who thought Trump was as likely as Scott Walker or Jeb Bush to sign all those Kochite bills. It was obvious even before Mueller came on the scene that Trump was more interested in grabbing cash and wallowing in the glory of being president than he was in any agenda, whether it was the congressional GOP’s or the one he put forth on the campaign trail. But now he’s not even pretending that he’s going to try to be president. “Make America Great Again”? He’s not even going to make the attempt. It’s all about him, not America.

It always has been.  You don’t have to dig back into his history of real estate deals, legions of failed enterprises, broken promises, cons, and flaunting of the law to arrive at this conclusion.  His campaign for office was nothing but a glory tour and tossing bones to the base, saying what they wanted to hear, coming up with ten-word answers that fit neatly on a hat that was yours for only $10.99 plus tax and your e-mail address.

I will give him a great deal of credit for being able to turn a Klan rally stump speech into something that could run live on cable TV and his ability to channel all the pent-up racism and misogyny that had been stored up over all the years when that uppity you-know-what was able to pull off doing the job with such ease.  They figured that if he could do it and make it look easy, then certainly this king of reality TV and hucksterism could do it.

The supreme irony of this whole adventure is that Trump was so unsure about his own ability to actually win the election that he had to consider getting help from an outside agency, and a hostile foreign government at that.  He spent the entire time portraying himself as the self-made man — if he can do it, we all can — and yet he couldn’t even do that on his own.  So do you think he’s going to make it about anyone else than him?

When it all comes crashing down — and it will — who do you think he’s going to blame?  You, America; he’s going to blame you.  He was too good for you and you didn’t deserve his bigly goodness.

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  1. Republicans first to be blamed when Trump writes in one of his more recent tweets, “It’s very sad that Republicans, even some that were carried over the line on my back, do very little to protect their President.” Can the rest of America be far behind?

    • He will blame everyone but himself, Bob. It amazes me that he actually thinks that it is the duty of Republicans to protect him. Protect him from what?

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