Friday, July 21, 2017

The Mark Of A True Toady

After all those rotten things Trump said about Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, one could imagine a swift resignation.  But then, you need to take into account the personality and venality of Mr. Sessions.

Nothing is more important to Trump than loyalty — to him.

In business and in politics, he has demanded it from the people closest to him. Some employees who abandoned him were never welcomed back. Politicians who did not defend him after the most politically damaging moments of the 2016 campaign are still suspect in his eyes. And after six months as president, Trump is still known to publicly jab at people who did not support his presidential bid.

But as Attorney General Jeff Sessions learned this week, the loyalty Trump expects isn’t always reciprocated.

He’s a sycophant and an opportunist who apparently doesn’t have a whole lot of self-regard and is willing to be publicly humiliated.  There’s a name for that — and probably a few websites, too, but you need a credit card and proof that you’re over 21.