Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Endless War

Trump’s speech Monday night on the war in Afghanistan basically committed the U.S. to another president’s term of continuing the status quo.  The difference between what he said and what has been said by the previous two presidents is that he’s not going to tell us what the objective is and how he will end it.  That’s because he doesn’t know any more than George W. Bush or Barack Obama did on how to get out of a war that started in 1979.  The invasion by the U.S. forces after the September 11, 2001 attacks was, to the Afghanis, just another piece of the puzzle.

According to someone whose opinion on fighting a war I highly respect, adding 4,000 troops to the forces already there won’t make a dime’s worth of difference.

And just what does 4k troops mean?

Basically, nothing. Whenever you hear of troop numbers, you need to understand that sending 4,000 more soldiers somewhere does not mean you are sending 4,000 more trigger pullers. The vast majority of these 4,000 soldiers will be logo toads dealing with supply and logistics and maintenance and signals and what not. This probably amounts to about 800 actual combat troops being sent there. That’s basically a batallion. They’ll be able to do what- build another firebase? And you can’t have all of them on patrol at once, because soldiers need sleep and rest, they need to pull security, etc.

Again, I have not been in the military for almost twenty years, so I am not an expert and my numbers may be wrong, but from where I sit, this isn’t a fucking plan. It’s a blood sacrifice.

If the most abrasive, arrogant, and imperious President we have ever known thinks all he can get is political support for 4k more troops, it’s game over, man. I heard McMaster pushed for 50k more troops and was rejected, and that wouldn’t have been enough.

This is bullshit. After sixteen years, the American people have moved on. We have lost the will to fight in Afghanistan, as we should have. It’s just a waste of blood and money. All we are doing now is feeding the war pig. Stop sending Americans off to slaughter for no reason. Bring home the troops now.

They should never have been there in the first place.

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  1. England and France did this for 100 years. The difference now is the efficiency of the weapons in the hands of both sides and the deadly determination of the Taliban. In the 16th century they only fought on weekdays and took time off for harvesting.

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