Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Cold Day

Not weatherwise, at least not here in South Florida, but in my head.  Taking Claritin-D, aspirin, and enough water to float my kidneys.  The kicker is that I am going to Kansas City this weekend for a playwrights’ conference and would rather not be sick.

So I’m going back to bed.  See you later.

3 barks and woofs on “Cold Day

  1. I’m trusting you’ve had your flu shot – yes? Having been nursing pneumonia for over a week I know just a “little old cold” can turn into a lot more. Good idea to stay in bed. My recipe for recovery over the years has been two aspirin every two hours. No fancy-schmancy over-the-counter cold recipes. Nothing that might extend the problem like those are inclined to do while solving the short-term issue of having to go to work. The amount of aspirin seems like a lot, but something about that formula reduces inflammation, which is what’s going in in your breathing apparatus.

    Mind your mother, too. Good luck and sleep tight.

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