Thursday, September 14, 2017

I Had It Easy

First, thank you for your good thoughts and wishes.  As CLWill noted via my texts, I made it through the storm with barely a scratch on the house and some judicious tree-trimming by Irma.  I got power back yesterday (Wednesday) around noon and the house is cooling off and the moisture is being removed.

But what I went through is nothing compared to what many endured and suffered both here in Florida and through the Caribbean.  I have friends in the Keys who lost not only their home but their livelihood.  The last I heard from them is that they evacuated to South Carolina and will not be returning because they have nothing to return to.  The strain and sorrow is permanent for them.

I can count my blessings and be grateful that all I lost were frozen foods and I can mutter about the inconvenience of no power for 78 hours and no internet or cable still.  But at least I have a place to sleep and a place to wait for the service to be restored and familiar surroundings and friends to thank for providing me with a place to be during the storm.

If you are so inclined, please find a way to help out the people who really suffered during this time both here and abroad.  Listings of resources such as reliable charities can be found everywhere on the internet.

I will try to resume blogging on a regular schedule once the little “Broadband” light on my router at home turns from flashing red to steady green.  Until then, I’ll be on limited schedule.

Thanks again.

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  1. I’m glad you and your place are safe, and with minimal damage. I think it’s tough to make a call on whether you stay or go, based on the whims of hurricanes, but in the end you are safe and that’s what matters. We’ve sent money to foundations for both hurricanes’ victims, but I know it will be years until things are repaired and restored.

    I hope you get back up to speed and feel good going forward!

  2. So glad you had a safe time. We are mourning those who didn’t and hope the recovery goes faster than it now seems probable. It was good of you to keep us in touch.

  3. Faithful Reader from Naples here. It’s rough, but we’re getting through it. I stood in the eye of a hurricane – never again.

    • Wow! Brave girl – or maybe you had no choice. And while we reach out to you and the west coast I hope we all don’t forget Houston while we’re sympathizing with Florida and St. Martin. Too much to take in.

  4. So, glad to hear you are ok!! My prayers to you and all who have gone through these intense hurricanes recently. Beaumont Texas which is where my kids were born and raised was effected along side of Houston and so many other areas of Texas. I understand the trials and tribulations of going through a hurricane. My heart is with you.

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